- Powder Based Coatings

Cavero Coatings provides powder based performance coatings.

We go through a superior process to ensure excellent properties. Eliminates the faraday cage effect. Easy to apply.
Salt Spray
Corrosion resistance for up to 750 hours
Dielectric Strength
Dielectric strength up to 2500 volts/mil
Heat Resistance
Heat resistance up to 600F

Given that Cavero Coatings supplies the coating for our third largest customer, we couldn’t be happier with a service provider. He provides immediate follow up whenever we have questions, he’s willing to help when he is in no way obligated, delivery is always on time, and the quality of the purchased product is always top notch. In short, Cavero Coatings helps DECC be successful on many, many levels.

Fred Mellema
President & Owner, The DECC Company

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